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Carmen P. Flores

​A 2018 full of populism, corruption and public media serving the independence movement

Editor of TEJ. Journalist

At the end of 2018, we want to summarize the issues that have been written in The Economy Journal. It has been a very intense year both politically and socially, and also in the public media and the role played by them as a transmission chain of the party in office.

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Catalonia, as has been usual in recent years, has starred in these three hundred and sixty-five days. There has not been any break in the conflict, not even this Christmas. The point is to keep the flame burning. In TEJ we have dedicated two issues to the topic of nationalism and the far right, present not only in Catalonia and Spain, but also in Europe, which deals again with these movements. It is good to know the phenomenon that is spreading. For this, experts in the field have made it possible to explain what is happening, its causes and the consequences of the arrival (perpetual?) of these political movements that are raising so much concern.

In these two issues dedicated to populism and nationalism we have the last article by José Luis Meilán Gil, who died a few months ago. A prestigious lawyer and an expert of the Spanish Constitution, he was one of the people behind the curtain preparing the Magna Carta. But there are other specialists who give us their points of view to gather more data and be able to make a more precise depiction.

The Catalan conflict and the escape from Spain of former President Puigdemont and part of his Government, as well as the imprisonment of other 'consellers', has uncovered the differences within European justice after the judicial decisions in Brussels and Germany. These two countries have challenged community judicial cooperation and also the legitimacy and independence of Spanish jurisdiction. A conflict in which the fragility of European justice has been exposed.

Corruption, undoubtedly, remains sadly topical. The various affairs that have occurred in Spain have been analyzed in this publication. 

Our country is not an exception in the matter, although in the way to stop it. An in-depth analysis of it, and the role played by administrations and political parties in this scourge that generates distrust in the citizenry, could be found in this summary number of 2018.

The public media continue to be questioned for their bias. In the case of TV3, it is accused of being at the service of the independence movement, forgetting about the rest of the citizens of Catalonia. A very criticized attitude that is shared by the majority of professionals of the Catalan TV. Many keep silent because of fear.

A debate that goes far: is fair the control of public media by governments? It is the eternal question whose answer is known, the bad thing is that it does not rule.

The election of Trump as president of the United States has brought more than one headache to Americans, but also to the international community. His populism has shaken relationships with other countries on more than one occasion. Its protectionism, initially very restrictive regarding the implementation of tariffs to some European and (specially) Chinese products Chinese, has come close to cost him a distaste. At the end, without much noise Trump has backed down and the issue has been less serious than he had preached.

This year 2019 will not be easy, but as it is in the beginning, the hope is still high to undertake everything that comes our way this year full of local, regional and European 

and trials.



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