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​The 12 highest-paid football players in the world, according to Forbes

That athletes, some more than others, have been well-paid stars for years is something that escapes no-one's notice. Possibly this is why Forbes has drawn up its list of the 100 highest-paid athletes in the world. Among these, we can find 12 football players, and three of them lead at the pinnacle of the world's richest athletes in 2019.


Football has become the king of sports according to the income generated by some of its players and their football clubs: broadcasting rights sponsorships, product endorsements, publicity and so on.

But who are the 12 privileged ones who earn such astronomical amounts?

1.- Leo Messi reoccupies the number one spot, with an income of 127 million dollars, 81 as his Barcelona salary and 31 in sponsorships.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo, the footballer who is amongst  the Europeans that have millionaire bank accounts. Currently, he plays at Juventus in Turin where he earns 65 million dollars to which 44 million more publicity has to be added.

3. Neymar. He left Barça to go to Paris Saint-Germain, where petrodollars preside over the French club. In this team he earns 75 million dollars and 30 million more in publicity

4. Paul Pogba. The Manchester United player receives 29 million dollars from his club, to which 4 million more in publicity has to be added.

5. Andrés Iniesta. He left Barça to play in Japan with the Vissel Kobe team, with a salary of 30 million plus 2.5 million in publicity.

6. Alexis Sánchez. The change of team from Arsenal to Manchester United provides him with a salary of 26.6 million plus a publicity revenue of 4 million.

7. Kylian Mbappe. The French football player has a salary of 26.6 million and his publicity contracts adds 4 million more.

8. Mesut Ozil. The Real Madrid ex-player, current at Arsenal, has a salary of $27 million, and 2 more in sponsorships.

9. Oscar. The pre-retired player in Shanghai SOPG FC in the Chinese league receives 27 million dollars from their club plus 2 in publicity rights.

10. Antoine Griezmann. Barcelona player is one of the best paid players in the team, with 23.2 million dollars salary, to which 4.5 million in publicity contracts has to be added.

11. Gareth Bale. Although currently not at his best in Real Madrid, he receives 20.6 million dollars plus 6.5 in publicity.

12. Mohamed Salah. The Liverpool football player receives 16.1 million dollars in salary plus the not insignificant amount of 9 million in publicity. He is one of those appearing on the Forbes list who earns most from publicity.



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