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The corruption that does not cess

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Juan Ignacio Bartolomé and Mauro Lozano Economists and members of Economists combating the crisis

The "problem" of corruption is its chaotic and uncontrollable nature that generates multiple negative effects.

Fernando Jiménez Sánchez University of Murcia

The IDE 2014 of the Alternativas Foundation dedicated a chapter to the Bárcenas-Gürtel case, the Palau case and the case of the Andalusia Regional Government ERE.

José Molina Molina Doctor of Economics and Sociology

The kidnapping of the public sector by the large economic groups that live entrenched within the structures of the State in pursuance of their own objectives is alarming.

Christine Lagarde Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund

The job of the IMF is to protect global economic stability and promote strong, sustainable, balanced, and inclusive economic growth.

Carmen P. Flores Editor of TEJ. Journalist

An interview with Jorge Jaraquemada, a lawyer by profession and Executive Director of the Jaime Guzmán Foundation of Chile, was President of the Council for Transparency of Chile.

Jaime Rodríguez-Arana Professor of administrative law. University of A Coruña

Corruption is a bitter and lamentable reality that has characterized, in some moments more than in others, the individual and collective life of us human beings.

Ignacio González Vega Spokesman for Judges for Democracy

Public contracts and competitive bidding established a privileged space of compromise between political and economic powers.

Stefano Abbate Director of Political Science studies at the Universitat Abat Oliba CEU

The general public, in exercising their cathartic right of public indignation over the numerous cases of corruption of politicians and related people is already a recurrent constant.

Jim Yong Kim President of the World Bank

Citizens all over the world are protesting against governments they consider corrupt.


It is significant to recognize that the impact of corruption on the economy is not measured rigorously and is even subject to different interpretations.


Spain has a solid legal framework to combat opaque companies, according to the recent Transparency International Report.

Moisés Martín Carretero Economist and member of Economists combating the crisis

Corruption is not just an ethical issue that can be forgiven through the ballot box.

Peru Erroteta Journalist

It may seem, at a distance, that Euskadi is a kind of idyllic oasis in the arid landscape of corruption surrounding us.

Carmen P. Flores Editor of TEJ. Journalist

The fight against corruption has cost the illustrious Peruvian jurist José Ugaz more than one problem. It is not easy to oppose the political and economic powers.

David Bornstein Journalist. La vie des idées

Corruption is a cancer for the rule of law and development.

Oscar Diego Bautista Professor-Researcher Research Centre in Social Sciences and Humanities (CICSyH). Regional Mexico State University

We can say that there is a globalisation of corruption. This problem is so old that it already existed in ancient civilizations.

Juan F. López Aguilar Socialist MEP

The reasons for concern about corruption in the EU have only increased over these years.



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