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The money that is already here

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Julián Pérez Porto y Ana Gardey Argentinian Journalists

Money is a medium of exchange, usually in the form of notes and coins, which is accepted by society for the payment of goods, services and all kinds of obligations.

Bruno Estrada López Economist, attached to the General Secretariat of CCOO

Money, understood as anything that the members of a community are willing to accept as payment for goods and debts, has had multiple forms before the emergence of currency.

Mathilde Unger University professor at La Sorbonne

Everything is not for sale. However, it seems that the laws of the market, little by little, invade domains that until now were forbidden to them: friendship, justice, illness and even love.

OECD The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

In clear and concise terms, we can say that money is destined to become digital. This general conclusion follows from the study of the long historical evolution of money. 

Von Weizsäcker contemplates the emergence of currencies such as Bitcoin, as well as the need for the European Union to set up a working group to follow developments in this field. 

Manuel Lucas Durán Full Professor of Financial and Tax Law University of Alcalá. Madrid

It is surprising that certain financial institutions move so fast and others, on the contrary, are unresponsive to social and technological changes.

Susana Martín Belmonte Economist specializing in Economic Theory

Ann Pettifor was one of the economists who publicly predicted the crisis in 2006 and as such, is one of the few economists worth paying attention to. 

Jeanne Lazarus Sociologist, researcher at CNRS and member of the Center Sociology Organization (Sciences-po)

For researchers, monetary crises are particularly fruitful moments, in the course of which "monetary mechanisms disintegrate and the routine operation of money is called into question.


Europe seems to opt for cash: Denmark has launched an electoral proposed plan to put an end to physical money in many everyday transactions made by citizens.

Xavier Hervás Vigueras Journalist

Studies, thinkers, the general public and governments are rethinking the concept of wealth and the extent to which causes personal satisfaction. Some even analyze what particular kind of consumption is associated with greater happiness.  

Javier Busquets Professor of Innovation and Technology, ESADE Business School

The future of capitalism and the free market society will be settled in relation to the future of capital, labour and the fundamental resource of exchange: money.

Horacio Krell Director of ILVEM

The future of money involves deciding first what society we want, then we have to devise a monetary system that helps to conceive it.

Vivek Wadhwa Professor at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley Engineering University

Silicon Valley is the world leader in innovation. Its leaders inflate technologies like Bitcoin and Blockchain, which some say are the biggest inventions from the Internet.

Eliana Scialabba Master in Applied Economics. Catholic Pontificia University, Argentina

There are numerous studies about money. This precious commodity of society has been one of the greatest inventions of mankind since ancient peoples decided to stop being nomadic. 

Aleix Gregori Professor of Economics at the Abat Oliba CEU University

In recent years, we have witnessed the inception and proliferation of so-called cryptocurrencies, a neologism used to refer to what we might more commonly call "virtual currencies".

Emili Vizuete Luciano Doctor of Business Studies

Nowadays, big corporations are investing considerabe resources in interpreting the benefits that Blockcoin, the code that Bitcoin works with, and the changes that we can assume that this will mean for its management systems in the future.

Nuria Badenes Plá Doctor in Economics and Business

According to the writings of Herodotus, we have evidence of the existence of coins at least from the 6th century BC. although barter also allowed exchanges. 

Juan Francisco Jiménez Jacinto Journalist and University professor

Some consider it a criminal currency that facilitates the black market and cybercrime; others see in it the money revolution outside the control of governments and power groups. What lies behind this fashionable cryptocurrency?

Institute of Social Currency Ineval

The WIR Bank is a supplementary Swiss currency system that serves SMEs mainly in hospitality, construction, manufacturing, retail and professional services.

Fernando Anaya Consultant at F&J Martín Abogados

Electronic commerce has appeared, largely because of the intervention of financial institutions making electronic payments between parties.

Samuel Gil Director of Investments in JME Venture

Since its conception in 2009 by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin -the main cryptocurrency in existence today- has attracted the attention of numerous technologists and economists.


This article explains how most of the money in the modern economy is created by commercial banks by lending. 



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Ronda Universitat 12, 7ª Planta -08007 Barcelona
Tlf (34) 93 301 05 12
Inscrita en el Registro Mercantil de Barcelona al tomo 39.480,
folio 12, hoja B347324, Inscripcion 1