Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Consequences of the 'procés' in the Catalan economy

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Ferran Brunet Professor of European Economics at the UAB

The Catalonian crisis will not be resolved immediately, but Spain and democracy would be stricken if it were to become chronic and permanent.


In this situation of political instability happening in Catalonia, the Círculo has been trying to alleviate the situation.

Mónica Melle Hernández Professor of Financial Economics at the UCM and member of Economists Against the Crisis

With only the law and with justice, the sovereign challenge of the Catalonian separatists will not be held in check.

Andreu Missé Director of Economic Alternatives

Different business associations have warned of the of secessionist drift's serious consequences in the trade, tourism, hotels, car sales or the real estate sectors.

Salvador Guillermo Director of Economy of Foment del Treball Nacional

What is important is to maintain political and institutional serenity that avoids situations that might lead to boycotts.

Daniel Lacalle PhD in Economics

Let us think of the risks to a growth that is based on ignoring high debt and financial bubbles.


Interview with Gloria Guevara, president of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).

BBC Editorial

"The Montreal effect was that around 400,000 people left Quebec, mainly young people, from the financial sector".

Clemente Polo Professor of Fundamentals of Economic Analysis in Autonomous University of Barcelona

There were good reasons to think that Catalonia could not be constituted as an independent state in the form of a republic.

Juan Ignacio Palacio Morena Professor of Applied Economics

Neither is the Catalonian secessionist attempt the only major problem in Spain, nor the interests behind this attempt are exclusive to Catalonia.

Nicolás López M&G Values

In the quite unlikely case of a total rupture between Catalonia and the rest of Spain, the consequences for the economy would undoubtedly be catastrophic throughout the country.


Interview with Pere Chias, president of the Catering Guild of Barcelona.

Enrique Feás State Economist

The exit of companies from Catalonia since the 1st October is giving rise to much confusion about what are the effects of changes.

Peru Erroteta Journalist

The flight of companies as a result of the independence adventure of Catalonian nationalism, has been for Barcelona a "treacherous backstabbing".


These companies include six out of the seven Catalonian Ibex-35-listed companies: Banco Sabadell, Gas Natural Fenosa, CaixaBank, Abertis, Cellnex and Colonial.



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