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​The Círculo de Economía calls for political stability to improve the economy

The Círculo de Economía (Economic Circle) defines itself as "a civic association that seeks to contribute to the improvement of the quality of public debate by issuing independent opinion on the main challenges that condition economic, social and political progress" Its activities are concentrated in three axes: as a meeting place, as a centre of opinion and as a core promoter of collective initiatives.

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Depending on who has presided over their board meetings, the involvement has been more or less direct. The truth is that our opinions have never gone unnoticed and their influence in the political world is quite significant, so much so that, in this situation of political instability happening in Catalonia, the Círculo has been trying to alleviate the situation. The Círculo de Economía has not wanted to pronounce openly on the effects of the political crisis in Catalonia, but has issued a statement that we are interested in reproducing below:


As a continuation of our positions latest October, from the Círculo de Economía we consider it advisable to go back to society in general, but particularly to the political parties that attend the 21st December elections, to request that, whatever the outcome, and without this meaning renouncing their objectives, commit themselves to carrying out their future political action within the framework of the legislation in force at all times. Accordingly, a clear and shared commitment would serve to halt the economic collapse that we have been suffering.

In Catalonia, we are witnessing a serious deterioration of our economy. To the so-called flight of companies, a significant fall in activity has been added in sectors such as consumption and tourism. Additionally, what is worse, this dynamic could consolidate, or even escalate if we are not able to guarantee a minimum predictability that companies and the general public demand.

Business activity requires predictable action frameworks. Its absence, in such a globalised and open environment, entails an immediate loss of economic activity, as we have seen in recent weeks.

We have come out of previous years in which the level of political confrontation has been extraordinary. However, at no time during that period was economic activity seriously and visibly altered. It was the concrete act of announcing a Unilateral Declaration of Independence, which sounded the alarm and generated immediate reaction. Not only of large corporations, but also of SMEs and the general public.

If Catalonian policy does not urgently redirect this drift, the general public will be forced to suffer its consequences, directly and immediately, as for example, with an increase in unemployment. 

A dynamic of this kind, aggravated by a policy incapable of generating trust, could lead to a serious, if not uncontrolled discomfort in a citizenry that displays quite worrying fractures. On top of this, after several years in a dynamic of radicalization, currently Catalonian society is faced with a situation of an unknown gravity in our democratic life, not only in Spain but also in the European Union.

In these circumstances, calling elections for the 21st December becomes an opportunity, given that whatever the outcome, a new stage will start in which the will to dialogue and understanding prevails. The alternative is chaos.

For this reason, and despite its exceptional characteristics, this upcoming election campaign becomes more relevant than ever. We are facing a few complex weeks to come in which, inevitably, the debate will focus on a political situation dominated by an amalgam of diverse, if not opposed feelings deeply rooted in the general public.

Without getting into this realm, which means getting into politics, the Circle wishes again to appeal to the indispensable government of all those social and economic issues that directly affect the citizens' welfare.

In recent years, the extreme focus on the "process" has led to neglecting other issues that, due to their complexity and transcendence, require preferential attention. 

A serious disorientation at any juncture, but which is even more worrying, being immersed in the open and dynamic world of our times.

Accordingly, this campaign should be used to clarify proposals and reach basic agreements on our immediate future. Our civic co-existence and economic well-being depend on how we manage events in the next months. Consequently, the first indispensable step is that the parties go to the polls with concrete and realistic proposals, not only about the territorial conflict, but also about all those issues that condition the present and the immediate future of the general public.

For this reason, the responsibility is placed on our parties so that, in the coming weeks, they should declare themselves in the line indicated at the beginning of this document and, in turn, present to the general public government programmes with clear and feasible proposals. Subsequently, and once the new Parliament and Government of the Generalitat has been formed, it will be the political powers' moment, but also from the economic and business world, to define those actions that favour the full return of the Catalonian economy to normal.

More than 60 years ago, the Economic Cycle, sensitive to the aspirations of Catalonian and Spanish society, was created, stimulated by the ideas of Europe, democracy, and economic openness. These are some of the ideas that have shaped the Catalonia of our days, and that, despite the current threats, should continue to sustain its future.



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