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Infrastructure and Climate Change in Latin America

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Jorge Canals Lawyer. Bachelor of Law

The same as for the majority of the countries in the region, in recent years climate change probably was not on Chile's initial infrastructure diary.

Juan Iglesias Journalist

The World Bank report, published in August of 2019, fully explains the deterioration in water quality, and its effects on the economy.

Anna Ayuso Senior researcher at the CIDOB (Barcelona Centre for International Affairs)

If the necessary resources are not allocated, it will be impossible to achieve the sustainable development goals.

Carmen P. Flores Editor of TEJ. Journalist

"We have only got one planet". This is a phrase coined by Sergio Margulis, considered one of the leading experts in environmental economics in Brazil. Currently, he works as Senior Advisor of the Institute for Sustainability, based in Rio de Janeiro.

Jahda Swanborough Leader, Strategic Communication

The reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions is essential to be able to manage the risks of climate change throughout the world

Purificacion González Journalist

Aguas Andinas has caused a paradigm shift by transforming three water treatment plants in Santiago into “biofactories”.

Carmen P. Flores Editor of TEJ. Journalist

Richard Damania is a senior economic advisor to the World Bank and the world's leading economist in water practice at the World Bank.

Rosa Castizo Coordinates the La Rabida Observatory of Sustainable Development and Climate Change for Latin America

During the last four decades, we have exceeded our planet's capacity so much that we now have to act urgently to make that deficit good.

Nina Ferrer Journalist

Latin America needs to allocate 5% of its GDP over the next decade to improve transport, energy and telecommunications systems.

Carmen P. Flores Editor of TEJ. Journalist

Franz Rojas is coordinator of the Water Agenda and Vice President of Social Development of the Latin American development bank CAF.

Rodolfo Astroza Journalist

Latin American countries possess a high volume of renewable water resources per capita

Purificacion González Journalist

Interview with the responsible for the London Waste and Recycling Board's Circular Economy Programme and former director of the World Bank's Climate Change group.


The sanitation services management model implemented in Chile has achieved coverage and quality levels as in no other country in Latin America.



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