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​Politicized aid to the press: the Catalonian case

The current Catalonian independence movement, like most of these processes, has its origin in economic causes.

Financial aid to the French press

The financial aid to the press in France goes back to the French Revolution in 1769, with the establishment of privileged postal rates.

​In 1990 Jordi Pujol planned media control

Jordi Pujol ordered the Editorial of a document that has been followed until we have now reached the current situation.

​Whitewashing reality

There are many ways to whitewash reality. One of them is to influence the so-called "diary setting" of the press, radio and television.

​The indoctrination of TVE

The credibility of TVE newscasts is on life support.

​The naked oasis

Could we say that the regime constructed by Jordi Pujol in Catalonia, and still untouched, is a neo-fascist, totalitarian, authoritarian or xenophobic regime?

​TV3: the Process' Big Brother

If the general public who live in a territory pay for a public television channel via their taxes, we should assume that it will be objective, plural and neutral.

​Corporación Catalana de Medios Audiovisuales, one of theirs...

65% of Catalonians consider that the CCMA media are sympathetic to the independence of Catalonia.

​The Procés and Catalonian public media

Much has been criticized about the role played by TV3 and Catalonia Radio in favour of the independence thesis in the Catalonian crisis of recent months.

​TV3, the "Procés" spokesperson

Because, as political marketing professionals know, frames of reference ("the Catalonian national model") are not only created, let's say, in a positive way.

​Who owns the media....

The article of the Declaration of the Rights of Man, of 1948, declares: "Every individual has the right to freedom of opinion and expression".

​Totalitarian communication, a social engineering technique

This discussion, emanating from the cold war, between the supporters of the totalitarian school and the revisionists for a long time has influenced not only the vision of the USSR, but has been as an object of study.

​The public media or the government media?

The media have always been the object of the desire of the powers that be, with the aim of controlling the message that reaches the people, knowing the influence it have on them.


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