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Carmen P. Flores

​The Far Right and nationalism

Editor of TEJ. Journalist

The rise of the Far Right and nationalism in Europe is not a passing fad, rather it is here to stay for at least a long time. There is data of its presence in some countries, and after a dormant period in due to changes in the ideological cycle. the real question is: how far can it penetrate society? Its acts and exclusionary policies had no place in society, and therefore, it had not been present in the front line of the media and politics of many countries. It was waiting for the right moment to reappear. It has done it slowly but surely.

Goya duelo a garrotazos

With the passing of time, the new Far Right -the old one has transformed itself into this one, with new faces, and with make-up-, has new arguments. It has in its favour a fertile field given the economic crisis, immigration and the policies of the EU that it considers negative. There are a series of factors that it brings together; nationalism, xenophobia and rejection of the EU, given that this is an element alien to the concept of a nation on which it bases its discourse. It accuses the European institution of not being able to impede the passage of immigrants, which it considers a danger that strips them of their jobs and take advantage of the social benefits of European governments. Its rejection of foreigners is absolute.

Its discourse has appropriated some of the proposals of the Left, as when it proclaims itself defender of workers' rights. It is not against capitalism, however if it does reject the Euro and the European institutions, which it makes responsible for all evils. This new Ultra-Right often uses anti-system language that brings it closer to the populism of some parties of the Extreme Left. And yes, it declares itself in favour of the traditional family and against abortion.

Nationalism helps to take refuge in an identity, a flag, a language and in many cases a supremacy over other peoples. Is this demagogy? This is not for free and as we are seeing, it entails really dangerous situations that their ideologists cannot always control.

Nationalist movements usually feed off each other. An escalation of Catalonian nationalism such as we are seeing in Catalonia has made Spanish nationalism rise and grow. In the end, the extremes converge and have matching nexuses. All nationalisms are exclusive.

For a long time, one of the nationalist endeavours is to achieve the adhesion of immigrant groups, particularly their children and grandchildren, to increase social space. 

The Andalusian community, being the majority -and the rest- was always the dark object of the desire of the old CDC with the space called "the Andalusians of Catalonia". However, back in 1958, Jordi Pujol, the father of the new model of the Catalonian homeland, wrote a book that was reprinted in 1976, with the title "Immigration: Catalonia's problem and hope", which revealed what he thought of the Andalusian collective, the most significant in Catalonia that he always believed his own. "The Andalusian person is not a coherent person, they are an anarchic person. They are a person destroyed..., they are usually a person who is not quite properly made, a person who has been hungry for hundreds of years and who lives in a state of cultural, mental and spiritual ignorance and misery. He is an uprooted person, incapable of having a broad sense of community. They often gives evidence of an excellent human substance, but from the outset they represent samples of a lesser social and spiritual value in Spain. I have said it before: they are destroyed and anarchic people. If they came to dominate by force of numbers, without having gotten over their own lack of understanding, they would destroy Catalonia. They would introduce a feeble and anarchic mentality, this is to say, their own lack of mental fibre." Although he apologized for his assertion, the truth is that they still remain hanging there. Yes, but the book has disappeared.

Given Patriarch Pujol's affirmations, I believe that father comments are not necessary to. I only invite you to continue reading the contributions that you will find in this second part of a topic that is still very much current.

As the great Jaume Perich said, "nationalism believes that man is descended from different monkeys"



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