Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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Carlos Requena Criminal lawyer

Cosmopolitan nomads, a genuine product of globalisation and postmodernity, fed up with global uprooting, now appears to be disenchanted and suffering a crisis.

Jaime Ensignia Sociologist, Ph.D in Social and Economic Sciences from the Free University of Berlin

Since 2016, several political events have been worrying and have shaken the old continent over and over again.

Joan Antón-Mellón Professor of Political Science and Administration, University of Barcelona

The defeat of classical fascism (1919-1945) in the Second World War led to the stigmatization of the ideals of the Radical Right in the first third of the 20th century. 

Juan F. López Aguilar Socialist MEP

I arrived at the European Parliament in 2009. In exact coincidence with two events that have acquired historical resonance.

Carmen P. Flores Editor of TEJ. Journalist

Interview of Steven Forti, Ph.D in Comparative, Political and Social History from the UAB and the University of Bologna.

John Slocum Guest researcher at the CIDOD

How do we explain the resurgence of populism in one country after another? Maybe in terms of common structural conditions or passive diffusion of ideas across contexts?

Carlos Carnero Managing Director of the Alternativas Foundation

The European Union may today be the most hated political onject by the nationalists and the most furious supporters and radical opponents of real globalisation.

Peru Erroteta Journalist

Perhaps the most significant asset or indeed the only asset of the Catalonian "Procés" that has not known how to or has not been able to accumulate sufficient strength to impose itself, is its power of mobilisation.

Ignacio Molina Principal European Researcher at the Elcano Royal Institute

Three years ago, the so-called sovereignty process was unleashed and external attention on the Catalonian political situation has been increasing.


Born at the end of the 20s, the Scottish independence movement has had increasing success, until now becoming the leading political force in Scotland.

Soledad Bengoechea Catxipanda

In Hungary, there are two nationalist and protectionist right-wing parties: the Jobbik, clearly neofascist, and the Fidesz, led by Víctor Orbán currently in power.

Élisa Goudin Vie des idées

The recent rise of the Far Right alters the political balance in Germany.


There is much talk of the rise of the Far Right, of the advances of the populist parties at successive elections in each country. What is the assessment today?

Josefina Martínez Izquierda diario

After several months of negotiations, a new government was formed in Austria as a result of the pact between the conservative ÖVP party and the right-wing Islamophobic party FPÖ.

Jorge Galindo Politikon

If there is one recurring question among those outsiders who closely observe Spanish politics, this is it.



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