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2016, the year of Donald Trump

Peru Erroteta. Journalist

We could talk at length about this 2016, which is now over. But if anything about it has been especially significant, it is undoubtedly the triumph of Donald Trump in the presidential elections of the United States of America. Above all, in the light of what will happen in 2017 and subsequent years.

The neocoms hastened to institute US unilateralism on a global scale. After the USSR disappeared, they are left alone and, consequently, will establish the rules of the game on a planetary scale and act as a hegemonic power, like it or not, so say the ideologists of the American imperialist dream. And they were wrong. In the first place (Iraq, Afghanistan...) it became clear that the world, as President Barak Obama has recognized and proclaimed, it is multilateral and can only be understood and managed from this perspective.

However, it is also true that the United States is not a country like any other. In addition to accumulating enormous financial, technological and, particularly military potential, it acts on a global scale. That is to say, what it translates it into policies determines or influences decisively what is now becoming of a good part of humanity, beyond its borders. It controls, in addition to nuclear silos, organisations such as the IMF, the World Bank, the OAS, NATO or the UN itself. And this is not just recently. From the First and especially The Second World War, it is not possible to interpret universal history without referring to the United States. In other words, the USA. It is not the empire, but it is an empire.

A different matter is how each emperor performs on their tour of duty. Neither Hilary nor Trump disputed the presidency to change either the vocation or the practices of an imperialist US. In short, it can be said that while Clinton represents the interests of the imperialist fraction of speculative (fictitious) financial capital, Trump represents those of the fractions of industrial capital that has certainly lost ground in inter-capitalist competition at the global level, In particular, against competitors such as China. However, from the perspective of imperialist history and geopolitics, both fractions, if they really exist, act as one when their interests are threatened by whatever circumstance. In addition, as a good demagogue, Trump will dissociate words with deeds, surely to the point of paroxysm. For example, he stated in the campaign that he would impose a 35% tariff on companies and capitals leaving the United States. And, at the earliest opportunity, he appoints a government with the most gritty of the transnational interests of American companies.



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