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The return to the recurrent endemism of the Cold War between the US and Russia would mark the beginning of the decline of the global economy.

Wall street
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Trump is quite concerned that Chinese companies acquire technological leadership.

Nuevas tecnologías
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This Chinese-American trade war may affect the operation of technology companies around the world.

Yuan moneda china
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Until a few decades ago it had been the main producer of both industrial inputs, but the growth of other countries, particularly China, was displacing it from that position.

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It is no coincidence that Trump is imposing these protectionist measures abruptly, but is part of a series of more general sequence of events.

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The global economy is one step closer to full trade war if the United States puts its threat into action to impose tariffs on the rest of imports.

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The problem is that the expectations were actually met. The growth of the Chinese economy was exponential.

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Globalisation does not respect borders. Donald Trump knows this well, although in their proclamations and tweets, he prioritizes nationalisms.

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US uses a tariffs policy against Chinese imports and is attempting to do it same with those from Mexico.

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It all in December 2016, at the beginning of his mandate, when the president of the United States proclaimed his goal to put "America First" (America above all).

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It seems that this is a process of American economic decline, despite all their inventions.

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The international diary was tensioned by the Trump administration's measures as regards tariffs on Chinese products.