Monday, July 26, 2021
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EUA-China, cold war 21st century

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Jaime Ensignia Sociologist, Ph.D in Social and Economic Sciences from the Free University of Berlin

The international diary was tensioned by the Trump administration's measures as regards tariffs on Chinese products.

​Oscar Ugarteche and Armando Negrete

It seems that this is a process of American economic decline, despite all their inventions.

Robert Tornabell Professor of Financial Economics and former Dean of ESADE

It all in December 2016, at the beginning of his mandate, when the president of the United States proclaimed his goal to put "America First" (America above all).

José Antonio Nieto Solís Professor of Applied Economics at the Complutense University in Madrid

Globalisation does not respect borders. Donald Trump knows this well, although in their proclamations and tweets, he prioritizes nationalisms.

Matilde Mas Professor of Economic Analysis Fundamentals at the University of Valencia

The problem is that the expectations were actually met. The growth of the Chinese economy was exponential.

Julián Cubero Economist at BBVA

The global economy is one step closer to full trade war if the United States puts its threat into action to impose tariffs on the rest of imports.

Eva Perea Professor at the Department of Business and Economics of the Abat Oliba University CEU

It is no coincidence that Trump is imposing these protectionist measures abruptly, but is part of a series of more general sequence of events.

Albert Puig-Gómez ​Professor of Economics and Business Studies at the Open University of Catalonia

Until a few decades ago it had been the main producer of both industrial inputs, but the growth of other countries, particularly China, was displacing it from that position.

Pablo Rodríguez Canfranc Economist

This Chinese-American trade war may affect the operation of technology companies around the world.

Germán Gorraiz López Financial analyst

The return to the recurrent endemism of the Cold War between the US and Russia would mark the beginning of the decline of the global economy.



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