Monday, May 29, 2023
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​Not only Catalonia: interests and daydreams

The liberalisation of the Spanish economy leads to the false impression that restrictions on competition have practically been eradicated.

​Scotland: Independence or autonomy?

Born at the end of the 20s, the Scottish independence movement has had increasing success, until now becoming the leading political force in Scotland.

Secessionism in advanced democracies: Catalonia in between Scotland and Padania

Three years ago, the so-called sovereignty process was unleashed and external attention on the Catalonian political situation has been increasing.

​Masses, elites and nationalism

Perhaps the most significant asset or indeed the only asset of the Catalonian "Procés" that has not known how to or has not been able to accumulate sufficient strength to impose itself, is its power of mobilisation.

​The Far Right and nationalism

The rise of the Far Right and nationalism in Europe is not a passing fad, rather it is here to stay for at least a long time.

The surprising effect of camouflage in Catalonian nationalism

No-one denies that the DNA of Catalonian nationalism is a purely conservative affaire.

​Nationalism and populism in Spain

Nationalism and Populism are two issues that have gained general interest in this stage of history, characterized by globalisation.

​TV3, the "Procés" spokesperson

Because, as political marketing professionals know, frames of reference ("the Catalonian national model") are not only created, let's say, in a positive way.

​The travel agency sector defends Catalonia as one of the best tourist destinations in the world

Since the end of last September, FETAVE launched the first alarm on the negative impact of the independence crisis on tourism in Catalonia.

​Evaluating the scene of an emergency and the perspectives for Catalonia

These last two months have no precedent on which to reflect in many ways, whether political, social or economic.

​More than 3000 companies have left Catalonia after the referendum

These companies include six out of the seven Catalonian Ibex-35-listed companies: Banco Sabadell, Gas Natural Fenosa, CaixaBank, Abertis, Cellnex and Colonial.

​Treacherous backstabbing

The flight of companies as a result of the independence adventure of Catalonian nationalism, has been for Barcelona a "treacherous backstabbing".

​Business domicile: the ship "Catalonia" begins to turn

The exit of companies from Catalonia since the 1st October is giving rise to much confusion about what are the effects of changes.

​Political wisdom, social cohesion and the strengths of the Catalonian economy make Catalonia a great country: let's get to work

The political crisis in Catalonia has precipitated one of the most critical moments in the recent democratic period of our country.

An extraordinary event that puts the European model at risk

In the quite unlikely case of a total rupture between Catalonia and the rest of Spain, the consequences for the economy would undoubtedly be catastrophic throughout the country.

​Babylon fell because it lacked foundations

There were good reasons to think that Catalonia could not be constituted as an independent state in the form of a republic.

​What the "Montreal effect" is and how Catalonia's economy can be hit by the independence movement

"The Montreal effect was that around 400,000 people left Quebec, mainly young people, from the financial sector".

"​Tourism is strongly impacted by the political discontent"

Interview with Gloria Guevara, president of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).

​The Catalonian crisis: temporary or permanent?

The Catalonian crisis will not be resolved immediately, but Spain and democracy would be stricken if it were to become chronic and permanent.

​The economic effects of the secessionist process in Catalonia

Creating political instability, legal uncertainty and economic uncertainty does not usually come free of charge.


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