Monday, May 29, 2023
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​Europe's effectiveness against nationalism and globalisation

The European Union may today be the most hated political onject by the nationalists and the most furious supporters and radical opponents of real globalisation.

​"The ANC and Ómniun have been the government's independence story broadcast mechanism"

Interview of Steven Forti, Ph.D in Comparative, Political and Social History from the UAB and the University of Bologna.

The electoral boom of Radical Right populist parties in Europe: nativism and ethnocratic liberalism

The defeat of classical fascism (1919-1945) in the Second World War led to the stigmatization of the ideals of the Radical Right in the first third of the 20th century. 

​The ghost of nationalism hovers over 21st century Europe

Since 2016, several political events have been worrying and have shaken the old continent over and over again.

Nationalism and Far Right

Cosmopolitan nomads, a genuine product of globalisation and postmodernity, fed up with global uprooting, now appears to be disenchanted and suffering a crisis.

​The Far Right and nationalism

The rise of the Far Right and nationalism in Europe is not a passing fad, rather it is here to stay for at least a long time.

The surprising effect of camouflage in Catalonian nationalism

No-one denies that the DNA of Catalonian nationalism is a purely conservative affaire.

The not-us of the Far Right and nationalism

The Far Right and nationalism, although they are different realities, have common attitudes.

Europe, ultranationalisms and the abyss

That our continent is going backwards is nothing new.

​Nationalisms and the Far Right in Europe

In Europe we have been witnessing a rebirth of nationalisms that threaten the political stability of democracies and the integration process itself.

​A Europe without nation-states?

Europeanization aims at the integration of their nation-states in favour of continental political union.

​Radical right-wing populism in Europe, a threat to democracy?

In 2004, the political scientist Cas Mudde defined populism as the spirit of the time in Europe.

​Nationalism and populism in Spain

Nationalism and Populism are two issues that have gained general interest in this stage of history, characterized by globalisation.

​Nationalism, today's world's great misfortune

Nationalism as a mass political phenomenon is something quite recent.

Nationalism and far right

Populism, nationalism and the ultra-right have resurfaced again in much of the so-called civilized world.


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