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What will bring us energy efficiency in the future?

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We know that predicting the future of energy efficiency is very risky but if we bring together a number of international industry experts they can give us some indications that might be fulfilled. CLEAResult, an international consulting firm, has brought together various professionals in the field of energy efficiency which additionally have expertise in different sectors such as technology, politics and architecture, to provide possible keys to the 2016 and future years. These are their predictions.

LiFi technology

A new term, but ... What is Li-Fi? Even if you have not heard of it, it is quite possible that this year the concept will begin to be heard with great force. The meaning of Lifi (Light Fidelity) or visible light communication is a communication technology that uses light waves instead of radio technology to transmit data. That is to say, with this technology, LED lamps compatible with Li-Fi can transmit data at extreme speeds. Lifi technology will increase the value offered by lighting systems, giving the ability to gather and share data. Technology companies in the lighting industry will begin to incorporate Li-Fi in many ceiling lights for transferring data and information at extraordinary speed. In fact, the speed is one hundred times higher than traditional WiFi. The term appeared in a TED conference in 2011 on communication with visible light, and now it is gaining strength, having been experienced in real environments.

Evolution in programs given the demand

Software technologies and mobile devices are not only changing our everyday life. They are also changing the way public services ensure communication in the network in real time. With the rise of cloud technology, data analysis and social networks, utilities are turning to Behavioural Demand Response (BDR), through programs that combine real - time analysis and communication to reach users, gaining more control and facilitating administrative actions for both users and the administration.

Electric vehicles on the network

Electric car sales are growing exponentially. Public services have to adapt and create strategies to help connect this new car fleet to the network. The demand for electric vehicles will not grow without more active engagement, ranging from manufacturers to car dealers, including public administrations.2015 ended with sales of over 75,000 units in Europe, an increase of 48.5% over 2014 electric vehicles sold.



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