Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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The clash of civilizations through demography

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Aymeric Chauprade. French MEP

European Christian civilization is now under a threat, Does anyone dare to deny it, taking into account the demographic reality?

Europe today is suffering the same invasion as the Roman Empire did by the barbarians, but today the invasion is carried out by a religion: Islam.

For more than thirty years we have been witnessing the migration whose social, economic, security and identity consequences are now more visible.

Europe, and here we also include Russia, has entered a phase of ageing more pronounced than elsewhere, leading to an ageing and decline of the population, with Europe being the only region whose population will decrease during the first third of this century. Meanwhile, our continent is establishing a non-European population mass is to compensate our decline.

According to the OECD, even before the eastward enlargement, the European Union was the first recipient region with 2 million legal entries, compared to a little more that one million per year in the United States and Canada.

This "anti-colonization" is the simple: natural growth in the EU (births-deaths) before the 2004 enlargement was +500,000 considering only 15 countries, while the annual net migration is +2 million. The figures here speak for themselves: legal immigration is four times the natural growth of Europe, leading to the conclusion that the European population is being replaced by essentially African and Middle Eastern non-European peoples.

Let us not forget that the above figures do not take into account illegal or clandestine immigration, of which there has been a significant increase in recent years as these flows are taking the form of "political asylum".

If we focus on the demography of the Mediterranean, the northern shore has 180 million inhabitants, while the south has 240 million, Muslims mostly. It is expected that by 2030, the north shore will have lost 6 million Europeans, in which Spain will take a major hit. Meanwhile, the rate of migration from the southern Mediterranean region before the crisis of immigrants was 5%, while the world average is 2%.

It has been estimated that since the 60's, 20 million people have immigrated to Europe from the southern Mediterranean countries, a long-term phenomenon which clearly has been increasing since 2011 with the fall of the Gaddafi regime, the Arab revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt and the chaos sown in Iraq and Syria have led to an explosion of migration flows.

According to the European agency Frontex, we have gone from 9,000 illegal immigrants entered by sea in 2012, to 170,000 in 2014, and if we consider both maritime and land entries, we are talking about 274,000 in 2014 versus 100,000 entries in 2013, representing a increase of 180%!



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