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Jesús Lizcano Álvarez Professor of the Autonomous University of Madrid

En una sociedad como es la española que puede considerarse libre, participativa, y en definitiva, realmente democrática, la transparencia ha de constituir un pilar básico, que se ha de desarrollar de una forma amplia y permanente. 

José Molina Molina Doctor of Economics and Sociology

We live in two worlds, one is that of democratic ideas as a system of liberties, and the other in that of representative democracy, which responds to a structurally bureaucratic world. 

Rafael Jiménez Asensio Doctor of Law from the University of the Basque Country

We arrived the last. Even so, we have entered the fervour or enthusiasm for transparency, as Innerarity. In this case, to be the first. Let us look at some expressions of lies of transparency.

Alberto Martínez Lacambra Economist and Lawyer. Professor of the Faculty of ADE of the UAB DtorGral of AGBAR

Proposing limits to transparency today may seem heresy, since it has become an omnipresent good in our life, especially in the political arena, as it is the "motto" that dominates the public discourse.

Emily O'Neill, European Ombudswoman since July 2013. She is the first woman to hold this position. Writer, journalist and television presenter.

Mike B. Beke Principal Investigator, Blomeyer & Sanz

In February 2014, the European Commission unveiled the first EU Anti-Corruption Report. The report explained the "anti-corruption situation" in each EU country according to the measures that are in place. 

Antonio Pacheco Amateur Philosopher

Transparency, a quite fashionable word lately. Thus, suddenly, it seems a positive term that evokes in others the ideas of sincerity, truth, honesty, virtue even... stretching the term considerably.

Ignacio Muro Benayas Professor of Journalism at Carlos III University

That transparency would impose itself naturally in all spheres of life seemed a universally accepted consensus in the years before the crisis.

Stéphanie Novak PhD in Philosophy and Political Science

The EU is a political community and not just an international organization, to the extent that its Member States have voluntarily renounced their sovereignty in some decision-making areas.


Esther Arizmendi is president of the Transparency and Good Governance Council since December 2014. The body she chairs was born of the Transparency Law, passed in 2013. Her role is complex but she is a woman with quite clear ideas.  


On 28th September 2016, the European Commission proposed a mandatory Transparency Register covering the three EU institutions. 

Mónica Melle Hernández Professor of Financial Economics at the UCM and member of Economists Against the Crisis

Public-private collaboration has grown in Spain mainly during the last decade as an instrument of support to the public sector for the supply of public infrastructure and services.

Manuel Villoria Mendieta Professor. Rey Juan Carlos University

We have to begin by indicating that the concern for the relationship between interest groups and corruption must be understood from a conception of corruption that is not merely from a legal standpoint. 

Javier Hernández Martínez Director General of Transparency of the Canaria Island Council

According to reports of the World Bank, there is a direct relationship between per capita income and transparency, so that as institutional transparency increases and/or assumes a higher quality, citizens' average income increases. 

Ramón Jáuregui Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament

It is the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, in a framework of demands in which the general public want a Europe closer to the people, more transparent and accessible.

Antonio Argandoña Professor Emeritus in ESE Business School, University of Navarra

Political parties are the most frequent way of organizing political representation in democracies. It is in the interest of society that the party system be agile and efficient; that the field of play is level. 

Fernando Jiménez Sánchez University of Murcia

If we make the case to their spokesmen (including treasurers), the transparency of the parties in Spain is quite satisfactory and even excessive. 

Silvina Bacigalupo Professor of Criminal Law at the Autonomous University of Madrid

One of the most relevant issues currently facing us in the context of the fight against corruption and the need to increase levels of transparency in a globalised economy is the incidence of ethical and legal assumptions of business activity. 

Peru Erroteta Journalist

Addressing the candidates for the upcoming French presidential elections, the daily paper Libération asks questions about its commitment to the improvement of political practices for the next term.

Carlos Castresana, last year awarded the first place Award for Transparency, Integrity and Anti-Corruption, convened by TI-Spain and the General Council of Lawyers. Two characteristics that define it: rigour and firmness against corruption. 

Concepcion Campos Acuña Doctor in Law and Secretary of Local Administration

Since 2015, Spanish municipalities have been obliged (all of them) by the Law 19/2013 of Transparency, Access to Public Information and Good Government, to comply with a wide set of legal obligations.

Ignacio González Vega Spokesman for Judges for Democracy

The studies of opinion that are carried out periodically show that Justice still has a negative image among the majority of the general public.

Víctor Benedito Torrecilla Professor of the Master's Degree in Accounting and Auditing at the Abat Oliba University

Currently, there is a growing concern in all organisations around the world regarding transparency issues, a concept that responds to the extent to which every organization accounts for its way of acting to concerned third parties.

Denis Kessler Economist, researcher and university professor

Historically and until relatively recently, the world of business has been characterized primarily by secrecy and a certain opacity, rather than transparency.

Miguel Ángel Blanes Climent Doctor of Law

The campaigns that public authorities carry out to provide citizens with information about their rights and obligations, the functioning of public institutions and the services they provide consume significant amounts of public money.


Although football clubs have shown an improvement in their level of transparency compared to the previous edition of the INFUT, they are still far from the level of transparency required for these sports organisations.



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